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"Tom's true talent lies in his ability to sing through the mike and into your heart: listening to his CDs, I always feel as if I'm in the same room with him."

Tom Baust: In The Spotlight

A collection of high-end unique solo arrangements of show tunes & standards. The CD showcases Tom's artistry as arranger, producer, as well as performer on piano, synthesizer, and bari-tenor voice. Additional instrumentation includes bass, percussion, guitar, & cello. (Special mention goes to Dan Barta for his arrangement of "Fascination Medley.")

The styles include a touch of light jazz, fun pop standards, and some highbrow Broadway with an occasional touch of the "artsy" with a semi-classical twist. And, just when you think things might get too serious, there's a touch of humor . . . "I'd Rather Cha Cha Than Eat."

Tom says: "The insert pages list special moments and people who inspired the selection of and arrangements for the songs chosen. The CD is dedicated to my first piano teacher who shared her longing to one day have a student become a musician. Though advanced in years when I began studying with her at the age of five, I happen to have a picture of her dating back to the 1890's when she was studying at the Pennsylvania Conservatory."

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Tom's new CD reminds me of just how much joy there is in song. The joy of rhythm and melody both drive this collection forward brilliantly. The joy of words are so movingly assembled by Tom's chosen lyricists. The joy of old songs are recast, with something new to be said about an old familiar topic. There is a quality about Tom's singing that is so comforting we are reminded warmly of the first time we heard each song. Or, in the case of the Legrand/Bergman masterful collaboration "On my way to you," a new discovery, an one so smooth and natural it seems I've always known it. Even the joy of heartbreak speaks through Tom's ballads - "The way we were," for example, is wonderfully simple, as it truly is to have loved once...and to hope to again.

-Donald Nally,
Welsh National Opera, Cardiff, Wales

"Move over Michael Feinstein... Tom Baust is 'In the Spotlight' with his long-awaited compact disc. Tom's warm rich baritone is enhanced in this wonderful collection by both his skills at the piano and his own unique arrangements."

-Terry Greenland,
University of the Arts, Phila. Pa

"Tom Baust does it all! The ultimate performer, composer, and arranger, he excels in utilizing all of his multi talents. Now he shows his keyboard artistry and vocals ever more widely on his new CD."

-Ed Wismer, New Jersey Entertainment Critic

"I got your CD and am really quite impressed. There is great musicianship behind this album. You have a lovely voice and do exciting arrangements... It's really a gorgeous voice and you will go far with it."

-Margaret Whiting, Recording artist, Broadway lady,
and daughter of the late song writer Richard Whiting